Carpets & Rugs

  • East India Carpets
    Date posted: January 5, 2020

  • East India Carpets - 1606 W 2nd Ave Vancouver British Columbia V6J 1H4
    Phone: (604) 736-5681


    East India Carpets has been offering friendly, professional one-to-one service to satisfied customers for more than 60 years. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect carpet from our huge selection of hand crafted pieces.

    Whether you're buying for home or business no one in Vancouver can match our experience and service.

    At East India Carpets we see each carpet as a work of art and it is our pleasure to share this appreciation with you.

  • Zavin Carpet
    Date posted: January 10, 2020

  • Zavin Carpet - 2778 W 4th Ave Vancouver British Columbia V6K 1R1
    Phone: (604) 732-4605


    A collection of finest quality handmade Persian and Afghan rugs together with a variety of handicrafts from the Middle East delivered to you directly from the hands of the makers and designers.

    At Zavin Rug gallery we continuously stock our inventory with new arrivals. We offer huge selection of Rugs, Kilims, and Handicrafts from Middle East fit for any budget and suitable for any decor or occasion. Visit our showroom at your earliest convenience. We promise to make your visit to our gallery a delightful experience.

    Whether you choose a luxurious hand knotted silk rug or an economy area rug Kilim, you are assured it would be of the highest quality and be confident that you are choosing the genuine article, not a classical Persian design that has been reproduced in another country.

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