Art Galleries

  • Charlotte Wall Works
    Date posted: September 4, 2020

  • 1512 W 6th Ave Vancouver British Columbia V6H 3G1


    The dubiety of life's questions and how humans interpret these questions as a product of their own genetics and experiences is a theme that is pervasive throughout my art. What I find most interesting is who we are as humans in different contexts and how our decisions are influenced by our environment and past experiences.

  • Crystalworks Designs
    Date posted: September 5, 2020

  • 1760 W 3rd Ave Vancouver British Columbia V6J 1K4


    Founded in 1984, Crystalworks has evolved from a small home based business to the world class mineral gallery it is today. The gallery is devoted to promoting fine crystals, minerals and fossils as works of art and presents the unique opportunity to purchase specimens of a size and quality rarely seen outside of museums.

    Each and every object, from the smallest tumbled stone to the largest specimen, is hand selected by the owners for its beauty and perfection. Crystalworks' mandate is to sell only ethically mined minerals. We do not sell dyed, man made or radiated crystals, or cave formations such as calcite stalactites or stalagmites. We have enjoyed close friendships with our miners and mineral dealers for over 25 years. This allows us access to rare and unique specimens which normally would disappear into private collections and never make it onto the open market.

    We work closely with local and international jewellers, gem carvers and designers, providing them with select gemstones and crystals and co-designing pieces to create the jewellery, objet d'art and high quality gem carvings that are unique to the Gallery. Crystalworks also supports cottage industries and fair trade companies in Bali, Peru, Madagascar, Indonesia and India.

  • Daniel Materna Ceramics Gallery
    Date posted: September 5, 2020

  • 1499 Old Bridge St Vancouver British Columbia V6H 3S5
    Phone: (604) 682-0230


    Daniel's ceramic sculptures, and Zuzy's illustrations bring character and whimsy to their ceramic practice offering a diverse portfolio of art and craft. Everything is made on site. Thrown, crafted, etched, drawn then fired, glazed and sold in their Granville Island studio and retail store.

    Daniel and Zuzy have exhibited their work in galleries across Canada and Europe, and their work can be found in collections around the world.

  • Ian Tan Gallery
    Date posted: September 3, 2020

  • 2342 Granville St Vancouver British Columbia V6H 3G3
    Phone: (604) 738-1077


    Established in 1999, Ian Tan Gallery in British Columbia is a Vancouver contemporary art gallery that represents important emerging and established artists in contemporary Canadian Art. Recognized as one of Canada's finest paintings, we promote a strong regional interest in a diverse range of west coast artists, maintaining a reputation for high-quality works and a discerning exhibition program. Our services include consulting, collection building, art rentals, appraisals, framing, installation, and shipping worldwide.

    It is the goal of owner Ian Tan and his consulting team to create the perfect displays; items that will bring life to any wall or brighten any room. The service centres on a presentation of the 'whole package'. Ian's model, therefore, includes clients getting everything from appraisals to framing, shipping and installation as well as rentals.

    Ian Tan is famous for going the extra mile for clients. He will lend paintings out to clients for test runs as well as sample different pieces using Photoshop. His warm personality and keenly observant eye guarantee customer satisfaction. He chooses to show only art that is visually appealing, well executed and something he would collect.

  • Jeunesse Gallery
    Date posted: July 10, 2020

  • 2668 W 4th Ave Vancouver British Columbia V6K 1P7
    Phone: (604) 737-2438


    Jeunesse Gallery of Fine Arts, opened in 2007 in beautiful Kitsilano. Our mission is simple: to infiltrate Vancouver with art culture.

    Jeunesse proudly represents sought-after European artists in paintings and bronze sculptures, as well as being the Vancouver hub for talented local visual artists to show their work.

    We are committed to the community and have been honoured to participate in special charity events through sponsorship in Vancouver. For all of our current events and shows, please visit Shows or the Events Calendar listed at Tourism Vancouver.

    Knowledge, expertise and a love for art.

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