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  • Bunk Beds Canada
    Date posted: November 11, 2020

  • 4502 Main St Vancouver British Columbia V5V 3R5
    Phone: (604) 875-1881


    The home of beautifully designed, solidly constructed Bunk Beds, Loft Beds, Platform Beds, Mates and Captain Beds.

    Constructed from solid, knot-free premium wood our bunk beds are made to last. These beds will accommodate adults, teens, and children. The wooden slats provide a platform to support the mattress, eliminating the need for box spring but still providing ventilation for the mattress.

    Our motto is "Buy less. Buy quality". We only sell products made from natural materials that will hold their value. Our beds are fun and easy to use, fully recyclable and won't harm the environment.

    We've been selling beds since 2003 so we know our business.

    Ray, Vincent, Ron, Alex, Valery, Egor, and Makar would love to meet you. We'll show you around our cozy store and introduce you to the world of quality beds.

  • Casper Mattress Store
    Date posted: January 10, 2021

  • 2294 W 4th Ave Vancouver British Columbia V6K 3K1
    Phone: (604) 334-9530


    We believe sleep is the superpower that charges everything people do.

    We've spent years studying the magic and science of sleep. The more we learn, the more we're sure: Great sleep changes everything. It makes us friendlier, faster, smarter... even warmer-and-fuzzier. If we all got great sleep, the world would be brighter.

  • EH Furniture
    Date posted: November 11, 2020

  • 228 SW Marine Dr Vancouver British Columbia V5X 2R4
    Phone: (604) 327-3873


    Home goods store in Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Essentia
    Date posted: January 10, 2021

  • 2144 W 4th Ave Vancouver British Columbia V6K 1N6
    Phone: (604) 738-0321


    Essentia was founded to solve a void on the market. There was no pressure-relieving mattress that did not off gas. This is an issue if you have chemical sensitivities; are suffering from diseases like cancer; choose prevention over chronic exposure to chemicals; value an organic lifestyle or are seeking higher quality sleep.

    Essentia developed and still manufactures the world's only natural memory foam mattresses. Today, the Performance Collection in the Essentia lineup represents this original category. To this day, the Performance collection mattresses are still a more advanced memory foam option than anything else one the market.

    But Essentia didn't stop there, after continued research and development, by 2009, Essentia patented a new core technology. This came about after understanding the value of sleep, the power that it had over your wellness, recovery, and happiness, and the important roll that we play by offering top of the line, innovative, healthy sleep options. Essentia understands that your mattress has the responsibility to create a stimulant free sleep environment so that your body can maintain the deepest, longest possible sleep cycles. All Essentia mattresses offer this and more, with each category of Essentia mattress offering a different level of unstimulated sleep.

  • May E. Furniture Mattress
    Date posted: November 11, 2020

  • 4680 main st Vancouver British Columbia V5V 3R7
    Phone: (604) 677-3429


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    Capitalization: 51,798,145 common shares issued to 38 investors
    Founder: Mr. Ken Meiklejohn controls 48,810,135 common shares plus 5 million preferred voting shares with special voting rights
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    Stock Transfer Agent: Pacific Stock Transfer.
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